Minecraft EDU Troubleshooting

Welcome to the MinecraftEDU General Issues Page. This page is aimed at addressing general issues that might occur with a computer that is running this game.

Basic Troubleshooting

When trying to play Minecraft EDU, you might encounter several simple issues that have no specific cause. Before taking a look at the Common Errors page, try these basic steps.
1) First, if the game won't connect to a server, try reconnecting again.
2) If the game still will not connect, try closing the game and reopening it.
3)In the event that the game still does not work, next verify that the game running is Minecraft EDU, not the normal Minecraft executable.
4)Make sure minecraft is the only program running if possible. Other programs can cause lag or issues with the game, so make sure that no programs are running that might interfere with this.
5) Check the Common Errors page, linked above, if the game is giving a certain error message.
6) Try restarting the computer.
7) At this point, if the game is still not working properly and you checked some of the common errors, it might be a more in-depth issue. Try searching the issue on the Minecraft Forums or Google. If issues persist after all this, please feel free to e-mail me your question or Check with someone such as an IT department (or whoever is in charge of the technological systems used for your setting).

Other Troubleshooting Concerns

Game running slow:
If the game is running slow, try these steps:
1)As mentioned earlier, make sure the game is running by itself.
2) Adjust the Video Settings menu to reduce graphical intensity.
3)If playing on a server, try reducing the number of players on the server if multiple players on there are having this issue, to reduce the load on the server computer.
4)If you are willing to play without mobs or less, adjust the difficulty level